Italian Cuisine in McAlester, OK

Delicious Italian food is among the most popular types of cuisine in the United States. Since 1959, GiaComo's Italian Cuisine has been the authentic Italian restaurant in McAlester, OK. For the past 59 years we still use fresh ingredients so we can make delicious pasta, sauces, bread, and fresh crab.

Our quality food and our authentic recipes from Italy have given us a reputation as the premier Italian seafood restaurant in McAlester, OK. Not only are we the number one steak house of the area, but the rest of our dishes are mouth watering. The flavors of sauces are almost limitless and when paired with our homemade Italian cuisine everyone at the dinner table is sure to be satisfied.

If you aren’t able to stay at GiaComo's Italian Cuisine, you can always take advantage of our efficient and reliable Italian carry out. We at GiaComo's Italian Cuisine guarantee that you’ll have a great meal, be it delectable seafood or fresh salads served by our friendly staff each time you visit.

Why Choose Us

  • Fast & Reliable Service
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Knowledgeable & Experienced Team